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June 10,2019

2019-2020 Tentative Budget

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May 01,2019

Mayor's Message

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Economic Development

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Economic Development

West Haven City is focused on improving the economic and social well-being of its residents. West Haven has planned its infrastructure to meet future growth. The City has also planned growth in areas that will provide an economic boost to the City. One of these areas is the 21st Street exit on I-15, including 1900 West. The other is on 4000 South and Midland Drive.

The City recently adopted a small area master plan for the 21st Street area. This interchange is the gateway to West Haven City and has high regional prominence.  There will be significant economic development and redevelopment in the area.

Salt Point, the area on the north side of 4000 South, is currently under construction. Residential components are being constructed. The developer is working on recruitment for the commercial components. We are anticipating a grocery store, restaurants, and retail space to built in this development.

West Haven is ready to expand its economic development. We are ready to help you to locate, expand, or start a business in our wonderful city and help your business be prosperous!

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