Building Department


Our goal is to protect the safety and health of West Haven residents by providing code compliance review of construction plans and providing inspection of commercial, residential and business properties for compliance to City building and licensing ordinances.

The Building Department issues permits for new construction, additions to and remodeling of existing buildings and structures. We inspect permitted work for conformance with approved plans and the appropriate codes. As part of the permit process, our department reviews submitted plans to assure compliance with adopted codes, which include building, electrical, mechanical,  and plumbing codes. The goal for completing the initial review of submitted plans is 7-14 working days for residential and 14-21 days for commercial buildings.

If you are building a new home please select the new home packet as well as the building permit applicationand it will walk you through the process of obtaining a building permit.

If you are looking to acquire a building permit for a remodel, addition, or an outbuilding please submit the following; completed building permit, two sets of building plans, and two copies of the plot plan.

Gas Meter Request Form - Excavation Permit Application

Tex Couch- Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer- 385-389-2692- Email Tex Couch
Charis Sully- Receptionist/Office Assistant- 801-731-4519- Email Charis Sully


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