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Storm Water Management
Did you know that one of the greatest and most efficient ways to improve curb appeal to your home is by removing the sediment, overgrowth and other debris that collects in the curb and gutter over time?

Doing so, not only enhances the appeal of your home making it attractive, but also helps to keep our storm water clean before entering the pipes and ditches that empty into the Great Salt Lake.  Clean gutters enhance water flow and prevents water ponding, which diminishes moss growth during the hotter months of the year. Clean gutters also helps to reduce deterioration of our roads, thereby helping to extend the life of our roads.

Incorporating effective yard maintenance will help to make our city a more attractive, clean, efficient, and healthy place to live.  Thank you for your individual efforts! 

Educational Resources
What can I do?

Report Illegal Discharges
To make inquiries or report illegal dumping or discharging of chemicals, oil, paint, or other pollutants in gutters or storm drains, call the Public Works Department at 801-731-8882.  
For after hours reporting, please contact dispatch at 801-629-8221 or West Haven City on-call at 801-920-6346.

Storm Water Construction Permits
How to get a Utah Storm Water Construction Permit
Construction General Plan Template (1 acre or greater) 
SWPPP Common Plan Template (1 acre or smaller)
Online NOI and NOT

West Haven Storm Water Management Plan  -  West Haven City Storm Water Ordinance 03-07

Colt Prevedel- Storm Water Manager- 801-430-0017- Email Colt Prevedel

West Haven City is a member of the Golden Spike Storm Water Coalition.
Meetings are open to the public, please contact Colt Prevedel for information.

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