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Sharon A Bolos - West Haven City Mayor
January 2014- December 2021
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I was born and raised in North Ogden with my five brothers and two sisters. My parents are John and Kathleen Grose Arrington, both retired. My mother was an ESL aide for Weber School District and my father was the Finance Manager for Ogden City.

I have been married to Gus Bolos for 28 years. He was raised in Kanesville (now West Haven). He earned a degree in physical therapy from the University of Oklahoma and is currently employed at Ogden Regional Medical Center. He also owns a home health company, serving patients from Brigham to Layton. We have six children, ages 15 to 24, one son-in-law, and one grandson. My hobbies include running, river rafting, family vacations and major league baseball.

I graduated from Weber State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and a minor in German. Special accounting interests have included auditing, cost accounting, small business accounting and tax accounting.

I am a graduate of Weber High School.

As the Mayor, I have been highly involved in the day-to-day operations of the city. I have expanded several departments to accommodate the needs from our growth. I have continued my focus on the things that are unique to West Haven, particularly our outdoor amenities and outdoor recreation programs.

As a council member, I oversaw the building of our new cemetery.  I led many projects to expand and improve our parks system, including construction of tennis and basketball courts and score boards at the Sports Park.  In my responsibility to oversee West Haven Heritage Days, I led the volunteer committee in expanding Heritage Days to a 4-day event.

I also began Heart of the Holidays, a community event in November that kicks off the holiday season with lights, music, hay rides, and refreshments.

I was appointed to the West Haven Special Service District board of directors in January 2007, where I served until I took office in January 2010.

I am a home-based accountant working for Precision Care, P.C., a West Haven business and Shabby 2 Sheek Salon.

Shortly after graduation, I worked as a corporate budget analyst for Iomega Corporation for 18 months before moving to Oklahoma. As an analyst, I supported several departments including Marketing, Facilities, IT, Human Resources, Legal, and CEO. During college, I worked for the same company both as a payroll and accounts payable clerk. I also worked for Ogden City in Risk Management and Human Resources.

Community Involvement
I have been a member of the West Haven Events Committee since February, 2006. I am the director of the West Haven Days 5K. I have served as PTA Treasurer for Rocky Mountain Junior High and Fremont High School and have conducted audits for several PTA organizations.  I am a reading volunteer at Country View Elementary.

Political Interest
I cannot remember a time when politics was not a part of my life. When I was growing up, my grandfather, Jack Arrington, was a member of the Ogden City Council. During his second term there, he was elected to the State Legislature where he served twenty years. Into my early married life, I spent every other fall working with him on his campaign. While he was still a State Representative and I was newly married, he inspired my own political interests. I was an elected party delegate in my district. He also encouraged me to run for Ogden City Council. The competition was difficult, but I adopted his grass roots approach and had a great experience, including an impressive victory in the primary election of 1993. Shortly after that I moved to Oklahoma, but I knew that I would run for city council again one day.

I learned great lessons from my grandpa about elected public service. I observed many conversations in which he patiently listened to his constituents and then explained his own views. At times they agreed, at times they did not. But, he always respected the opinions of those who had elected him and gave careful consideration to differences. Ultimately, he always acted on his values. He believed that those values were the reasons he was re-elected so many times. This is a pattern I follow with the citizens of West Haven.



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