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Mayor's Message, March 2016

Wednesday, 05 May 2010 00:00

City Hall Seminar

The next seminar in the series is Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:00.  We will have a panel of professionals there to talk about different careers and to answer questions. This seminar is for junior high and high school students.  Also, Fremont will be offering .25 attendance makeup credit for students who attend.  The seminar is FREE to the public.

Commercial Development

I met recently with representatives of the developer who now owns a large section of ground between 3500 West and Midland Drive on the north side of 4000 South. They are anxious to begin demolition and then infrastructure construction. They have commitments from a couple of large businesses and are working on others. This year should bring changes to that commercial area and hopefully opportunities for businesses to move to West Haven.

Across the street – Walmart is still meeting quarterly with our Planning Commission to give them updates. The extension of their plan approvals gives them until summer to begin construction.

Road Construction

Weber County has received funding to improve 3500 West from the completion point near Kanesville Elementary all the way to 12th Street. We are receiving updates from the County as this project progresses and they will be shared on our Facebook page.

The first phase of the 4700 West project, the canal crossing, is underway with the second phase going out to bid by March 15th. The entire project connecting to 4800 South should be completed by the first part of July.

The next phase of the 2550 South improvement project is underway. This will complete the road from 1900 West to the canal.

Road construction is essential for our city’s growth. West Haven is growing at a rapid rate and having infrastructure in place before it is necessary is vital. Thank you for your patience during construction.   Whether they are ours, the County’s, or UDOT’s projects, we will do our best to keep drivers informed of   delays, closures, and alternate routes. The best place to find up-to-date information is on our Facebook page.


Mayor Sharon Bolos








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