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 RMPRA Rodeo
Our fall rodeo will be on September 18th and 19th at 7:30. Tickets are available at City Hall and the cost is $5 per person (ages 5+). Seating is limited to enable distancing, so get your tickets early! Face coverings will be required to enter the event.

Small Business Grants
CARES Act relief funds were distributed to each city and county throughout the state. Most cities in Weber County partnered with them to distribute our allotted funds to small business. West Haven City returned $433,492 to the larger pool that was made available to small businesses throughout the County. Because we pooled our resources, our businesses were able to access additional money. We came out ahead when 43 West Haven businesses were granted a total of $653,000. The team at the county did a tremendous job in creating the program and reviewing applications.

COVID-19 Updates
Restrictions in West Haven will continue to follow the guidelines set by our local health department. Information can be found on their web site The most current information about restrictions in the state can be found at We also have information on our website on a home page pop up.

Following are updates effective September 1st for West Haven City:

  • Public meetings will be held in-person. We will continue to provide a Zoom link to accommodate those individuals in the high-risk category who have been asked to operate under stricter guidelines. We will also adhere to the limit on the   number of attendees allowed by state   guidelines. Please be patient while we work through these conditions.
  • Fall sports seasons are in progress with safety modifications.
  • Park restrooms are open and are being cleaned twice daily.
  • Community room reservations are available by contacting City Hall. Limits on gatherings, physical distancing, and mask wearing guidelines are expected to be followed.


Mayor Sharon Bolos



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